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A lone sword (6th Dec 22 at 1:46am UTC)
Chen Yangbai shook his hand and said, "Brother Xiao, if that's the case, you'll always have to find out why these people are tracking you behind your back. Why don't you think of a way to make the best of both worlds?" Xiao Gang was slightly moved and said, "Well, tell me about it." "Let me ask you a few questions first," said Chen Yangbai. He looked at Xiao Gang and continued, "Brother Xiao, do you know who is spying on you?" Xiao Gang said, "He looks a bit like a man of wisdom." Chen Yangbai asked, "Brother Xiao, have you ever had any enmity with the people of the Wisdom Gate?" Xiao Gang thought for a moment and said, "No, but it's hard to say." It's not that you don't know that we like to use knives desperately, and there's no guarantee that we won't accidentally kill their people. He paused for a moment and then added, "Yes, as soon as you mention this, we can be sure that those rabbits must be the people of the wisdom door." Chen Yangbai thought that since he was a member of the School of Wisdom, Xu Tuyuan must not be far away from here. He immediately said, "I tell you frankly that those people of the School of Wisdom are coming for me, and they have nothing to do with Brother Xiao. The so-called best of both worlds is that you please quickly, so as not to get into trouble with them." Xiao Gang nodded and said, "Yes,lamella clarifer, we are always too lazy to be hostile to the wisdom door, so we should go first. Take care of yourself." With that, he immediately rode forward. As soon as Chen Yangbai waited for Xiao Gang to leave, he immediately let out a long roar, but when he saw a black and light magpie bird, he immediately flew from the nearby bushes to the west. Chen Yang Bai looked at a Xi's shadow gradually disappeared in the sky, the feeling of sighing in his heart arose spontaneously, he tidied up his clothes and continued on his way. The breeze blows through the rice fields beside the road, with waves,rotary vacuum disc filters, bringing a burst of rice fragrance, and the white clouds in the sky are floating leisurely, embellishing the boundless blue. Chen Yangbai felt that he was like a white cloud, drifting with the wind, without a certain place to stay, with endless changes. Could the long journey of life go on like this? Suddenly the sound of a horse's hooves interrupted his train of thought. He looked up at the yellow dust raised by the horse's hooves in front of him. He immediately recognized Xiao Gang, who had just left. He wondered why he had turned back. Xiao Gang quickly reined in his horse and stopped five or six steps away from Chen Yangbai. He raised his voice and said, "Hello!"; Boy, you can't be too friendly when you meet a vicious accomplice in the future, or you'll have to be careful with your head. Just as Chen Yangbai was about to open his mouth, he saw Xiao Gang waving his hand impatiently, indicating that he didn't have to ask any more questions. At the same time, he said, "Can you deal with the people of Wisdom Gate alone?" "That's hard to say," said Chen Yangbai. Xiao Gang said, "You'd better be careful. The people of Wisdom Gate are all very clever and cunning. Don't be careless." Then he immediately turned his horse around and galloped back the way he had come. Chen Yangbai was very surprised and thought, rapid sand filters ,Dissolved Gas Flotation, "What's wrong with this man?"? It is said that the gang is extremely vicious and murderous. How can this person be different from the legend? Is he really a member of the vicious gang? All right, let's not think about it for the time being. I have to go a long way first and find a favorable place. Maybe I'll meet Xu Shiyuan later. After thinking about it, he immediately ran forward. About the time to catch a cup of tea, I suddenly saw a flat grassland beside the road, with a few trees sparsely planted. As soon as Chen Yangbai stopped to look at the place, he saw a carriage speeding up not far away. Chen Yangbai felt nervous and thought, "It must be Xu Shiyuan coming with Miss Zhen.". Elder Martial Brotherther hasn't arrived yet. I have to think of a delaying tactic to delay the time. Just as his mind was spinning, the carriage stopped at the roadside not far from Chen Yangbai, but he saw Xu Shiyuan jump down from the carriage, with a sly smile on his face, and step towards Chen Yangbai. "I wonder who it is," said Chen Yangbai. "It's the big gentleman." Xu Shiyuan's eyes twinkled with a cold light and he said, "Hey, hey, we are really enemies with a narrow road.". What a surprise.
” Chen Yangbai retorted, "Oh, I didn't expect that."? We're followed by a puff from your family! Brother Xu, how can you say unexpected? Why don't you make it clear? "Let's not talk about that," said Xu Shiyuan. "Do you want to see your Miss Zhen?" Chen Yangbai said, "I'm going to make a statement first. You're not allowed to touch her. Otherwise, we won't be finished." Xu Shiyuan sneered, "Hey, that's a good point. Come and have a look first." Then he walked to the back of the carriage, lifted the curtain, Chen Yangbai also followed him, looked into the car, only to see Zhen Xiaoping staring at the eyes of autumn water, looking at Chen Yangbai, eyes showing a caring look, cherry lips slightly open, very moving. Chen Yangbai could not help but love and love. He wished he could hold Zhen Xiaoping in his arms and comfort her. But Xu Shiyuan looked at him beside him, so he had to endure the impulse. Then he turned to Xu Shiyuan and asked, "What did you do to her?" "It's just a point of numbness," said Xu Shiyuan. "Don't be nervous." Chen Yangbai said with a sneer, "The talent and wisdom of the Wisdom Gate are really extraordinary, and I am very convinced. However, for a weak woman to use such means, it can not help but make people feel cold." Xu Shiyuan put down the curtain, looked up to the sky and said with a laugh, "Chen Yangbai, don't use tricks to delay time. I thought you must have used the black magpie to inform Zixuzi Feng yuanshan to come here.". Such a stratagem is a ridiculous way to show off one's incompetence before an expert. Hey, now I'm not polite! Chen Yangbai thought in horror, "That's awesome. Even I sent Ah Xi to inform the Elder Martial Brother, which was what he expected. In the present situation, it will be hard to get away. I can only hope that the Elder Martial Brother will come to help me now." As soon as he changed his mind, he immediately said, "Wait a minute. You have tried every means to hunt me down, and you know that I have sent birds and magpies to inform my brother. Aren't you afraid that he will come to help me?" He paused for a moment. Look around for a moment. "Hum," he added, "I think there must be a trick in it." Without waiting for Xu Shiyuan to answer, he immediately turned to the direction of the carriage and shouted, "Xiao Ping,fine bubble diffuser, how many people did Xu Shiyuan take along the way?" Zhen Xiaoping raised her voice in the car and said, "There are only Xu Shiyuan and the two handlebars. There are no other people." "Why use an ox knife to kill a chicken?" Asked Hsu Shih-yuan? When my husband catches you now, I won't be afraid of Feng yuanshan. 。
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