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Chaos (6th Dec 22 at 1:48am UTC)
Simple and exquisite carriages and pure white horses have become the eye-catching scenery on the official road. The ornate silk umbrella is larger than the teahouse on one side. The floor is covered with a mat of Gastrodia elata, and the table is made of agarwood. The silver embroidered yarn hangs down from the top of the umbrella, making the space under the umbrella even more mysterious. Hazy, can only see a person sitting under the umbrella, slowly drinking, the faint fragrance of tea overflow, knowledgeable people can not help but marvel, top monkey Kui, one or two pieces of good tea. Passers-by sitting in the teahouse are inevitably curious to guess that this abrupt delicacy, this unbridled special, looks envious, but also makes people jealous, there is no comparable decadence. There are all kinds of strange things in this world. It's sad to have so many rules when you go out to drink tea. "A man dressed in silk glanced at the Heavenly Palace by the teahouse and then looked at the people he lived in. Even what he said brought out a bit of sourness." Such luxury is not afraid of being punished by God. Around a table at the other end of the teahouse sat three men. They were not very old, and they were all dressed in Confucian clothes. They should be scholars with good family background, and what they said inevitably had the peculiar indignation of scholars. Nandu was flooded, half of the city was destroyed in a moment, countless refugees were homeless, and there were people who were so greedy for enjoyment. It was really my great misfortune. One who is concerned about the country and the people, but he is not qualified to decide what is the misfortune of the great scene. Hum, I see, ah, is more money to show off,dap diammonium phosphate, when he is the richest man in the world, where to be different from others, just take off that layer of skin, we are not all human beings. The more honest one has a serious hatred of the rich. Little brother, do you know who that is? A young man who looked like a boy dragged the second brother who poured the tea to the table and asked politely. Sitting opposite him was a man of nearly thirty years of age, dressed in ordinary clothes, with calm eyebrows and eyes. His eyes occasionally drifted under the umbrella. The blurred figure had an unspeakable elegance in every move. The little one doesn't know. The guest sat there all day yesterday. "One day?" The boy disturbed his head and looked at the man opposite a little strangely. The man puts down the cup in the hand, looking at the embroider gauze that umbrella outside is covering,Magnesium Oxide powder, friendly way: "Excuse me, which direction do they come from?" The child raised his hand and pointed to the north and said, "I came from the direction of Liangcheng. The little one thought it might be a rich merchant from the capital. Yesterday, the guest officer who sold tea said that the man in the umbrella drank the top monkey queen." The child smiled foolishly and said, "I said why don't you come and sit here for a while? Where can the best tea be served in a small shop like ours? I've never heard of it." The child's words caused the three scholars to snort disdainfully at the table. Alas, alas. "The misfortune of the country!" "What's the big deal, money slave?" At the man's signal, the boy rewarded the child with a few coppers. The child took them with a smile, filled them with tea, and turned to do other things. Following the man's line of sight, the young man glanced at the figure under the umbrella and said with a cheeky smile, "The young man has taken a fancy to the young lady under the umbrella." The man chuckles: "How do you know that it is a young lady under the umbrella?" "Little B just knows. Childe, think about it. If it's a man, why cover it so tightly? Even if you bring your own tea, you don't have to find another place to sit. It must be because there are many men in this teahouse. Little B is not only sure that there is a young lady sitting under the umbrella, Magnesium Oxide MgO ,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, but also a beautiful young lady." Little B winked mischievously and laughed well. The man took a sip of tea, but smiled and said nothing. He didn't think it would be a woman under the umbrella. Small second's words immediately caused a chain reaction, everybody had never thought that the Ken under the umbrella was the daughter of a wealthy family. Do you think it's the daughter of the prefect of Liangcheng? "How could it be? How could the Wangs be so noble? I think it must be the family of an adult in the capital." "A woman who clings to her father and brother." "Little B grimaced at the gossiping people in the dark, but his son was cultured." Childe does not want to know which young lady that is, small second is very glad to help Childe run. "No big, no small." Small second laughs heartily, follow in childe side since childhood, he is not big not small still is not his home childe is used to come out: "Childe says to want to know after all.".
” The man shook his head and said softly, "Little B, you're not coming out to visit the mountains and rivers today. Old Mr. Dugu is coming soon. You've been taught by your husband. As a student, how can I be so abrupt?" Little Yi curled his lips and took another look at the light singing and dancing beside the teahouse. The beautiful woman's shadow was shallow. It was rare for his son to look at a woman more than once. If he missed this one, he really didn't know how long he would have to wait. His son is twenty-eight years old, but he doesn't even have a wife. If the old lady is still alive, how can he be so alone. Little B shook his head in annoyance. The marriage of his son was becoming a big problem. With the rumbling sound of the horse's hooves, two light horses led the way, and four tall horses pulled the carriage, carrying the rolling sand and dust, rushed toward the teahouse. The knight immediately threw his whip and shouted, and the driver of the rickshaw raised his whip and shouted. Normally, he was on his way, but not normally, he was reincarnated. Childe, it seems that Mr. Dugu has come. Small second jump up, to that wind swift and swift imposing manner is worship very much, he also wants to learn to ride a horse very much. The man stood up, tidied up his clothes, took a deep breath and waited outside the teahouse. Silver silk embroidered yarn rolls and flies, lingering and wild, horseshoes trample, forming a unique rhythm, a white silk from the eyes under the umbrella, hanging hands outside the umbrella from playing with smoke to open the gauze curtain to both sides, a red dress servant girl sent out her arm, the person under the umbrella slowly stood up, raised her arm on the servant girl, posture like a willow, walking in the clouds. Mist dispersed, standing in the sun is to seize the creation of heaven and earth stunning dust, earth flying, only he is holy and absorbed, the world of mortals is hard to go around. Horses neighed, cicadas clamored, and waves overwhelmed the turbulence, but all of them turned into a faint smile in his eyes. Only one eye is enough to destroy the persistence of a lifetime, only one eye is the lofty that can not be touched in several lifetimes. The carriage braked suddenly and stopped steadily. The driver quickly jumped down and pulled it. In an instant, the door of the carriage was blown open and hung on both sides. The gray-haired old man came out of the carriage, with outstanding spirit, dignified face, bronze soft armor,Magnesium Oxide price, a sword at the waist, and his elite eyes swept over the crowd, making people stand up straight but bow down for no reason.
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