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The super genius of online games (6th Dec 22 at 1:59am UTC)
Xiang Yue shook her head strangely and said, "Isn't it hot?"? Sister, why do you ask that? "Not hot?" Zhang Jing tentatively put his hand on Yang Bing's back, touched it, and sure enough, it was cold. It's not hot. "Sister," said Xiang Yue? What's wrong? Is it.. Did something happen to Zhang Yi? Hearing Zhang Yi's accident, Xiang Yue immediately put down Yang Bing in his arms and flew out. Hao Wenjing followed closely and ran out. A hooligan. "Husband." "Sister, don't get close to Brother Wing!" Bright Moon reminds: "He is very hot very hot, untouchable!" "This.." What's going on here? I don't know. A few hours ago, Brother Wing's body, to be exact, his back,hot tub manufacturers, gradually became hot. It was only a little hot at first, but he was getting hotter and hotter. "Then why didn't you say so?" Asked Zhang Jing. I didn't know it would be like this? Purr "What should we do now?" "What the hell is that on his back?" "It's a fire." "It should be some kind of mysterious totem?" "It looks like a fire dragon." Several girls began to guess that they didn't know what to do when they saw such a horrible scene? And they really couldn't understand what the horrible thing on Zhang Yi's back was. Dragon mark! Hao Wenjing, who had not spoken since she came in, suddenly said a word very seriously. "Do you know what that is?" Asked the moon? You know that, right? You know there must be a way to save brother wing. You save him. Hao Wenjing did not speak,best whirlpool tub, but her eyes were full of surprise. Her idol is the descendant of the dragon family? Is Zhang Yi a descendant of the dragon family? Is that really the dragon mark? Is it the legendary Dragon God who protects the body? Hao Wenjing's heart was full of surprise and doubt. She had only heard the elders of the family talk about dragon marks. But she had never seen it before, so she was not sure that this was the true God of the legendary dragon family; Seeing that she did not speak, the moon said hurriedly, "Miss Hao, I beg you, please save him!"! His whole body was cold, but his back was so hot that it was hotter than a red-hot iron plate. He will surely die. I don't know why? Even I'm not sure if it's a dragon mark. Shh! Quiet Hao Wenjing suddenly felt a breath of danger, and she knew that a master was approaching. And, with a strong murderous look. Sister, endless pool swim spa ,China spa factory, sister Xiang, you bring sister Yang here right away. Yueyue, turn on the light in the room! Hao Wenjing gave urgent instructions. Ah! What are you waiting for? The moon was frightened by her serious expression: "How." What's wrong "Someone is coming!" So what if someone comes? Why did you bring Sister Yang here? She'd be in danger without a helmet. "That man has come to kill us!"! If you don't bring Sister Yang here, she will die soon! Do you want to hug or not? "Oh.". Oh The girls know that Hao Wenjing's skill is extraordinary. And she had never been so serious, so they had to believe her at this time. They immediately acted according to Hao Wenjing's orders. When they get everything ready. The moon looked around nervously. "Don't look," said Hao Wenjing. When you see him, it's the last time you look at the world. "He.." Is he a man or a ghost? Of course it's people! But it's scarier than ghosts! "Can you beat him?" I don't think so. He should be nearby, waiting for an opportunity. But I can't sense his position. I'm warning you. I don't know if he's here to kill, but a killer is here to kill. Whoever he's trying to kill, stay in this room. And find a corner to hide. I declare first that I will only protect my husband! "Killer?"? Could he be here to deal with Brother Wing? Mingyue is just a simple college student, whose life is plain and simple. She never thought that her own people would be involved in these terrible things. Not sure. But it's possible! Hao Wenjing looked at Zhang Yi's back.
The background of these girls is very simple, and no one dares to assassinate her, Miss Hao, so there is only one possibility. The killer came from Chongguan Zhang Yi. Then I will protect Brother Wing. Said, the moon stubbornly hugged Zhang Yi in her arms. Hold it tightly in your arms. Anyone who wants to hurt him must first go through her body. Poof! A flicker. Suddenly all the lights in the room went out. The light went out, but the horrible scene on Zhang Yi's back was clear. The red back is like a red-hot subway block, burning in the dark with "puff" and "puff" jumping flames. The leaping flames fluttered around his back as if they were alive. Like a magical living fire dragon.. In the darkness, the fire dragon swimming on the back of Zhang Yi is very strange. "Poof!" "Keng!" "When!" "Dong!" …… The figure flashed, and in the light of the flame of the fire dragon, two dark shadows flashed like electricity in the room. The girls saw it clearly. Hao Wenjing has been entangled with a dark shadow. The girls huddled together in fright. Zhang Jing tightly protected in front of Yang Bing, while Xiang Yue protected Zhang Yi and his sister. 、 "Who are you?" Hao Wenjing's rebuke came from the sound of fighting. Hum! You're good, but you can't protect him! The voice is heavy, but full of murderous look. Are you here for my husband? Hao Wenjing rebuked angrily, and the shadow of his fist was like the wind, waving at the shadow one by one. Ah Hao Wenjing suddenly let out a scream. Immediately, the women saw a shadow fall heavily on the ground. Although can not see who, but listen to Hao Wenjing called so miserable, all the women understand that she must be injured. The girls were frightened because they knew. If Hao Wenjing loses, Zhang Yi will be in danger. Xiang Yue stood in front of him and protected Zhang Yi and the moon with his trembling body. "You.." he said, shivering. You don't pass. The word "come" hasn't been spoken yet! Xiang Yue was swept away by a strong wind. Suddenly,massage bathtub manufacturers, the shadow, like lightning, turned into a sharp arrow and rushed past. Ah 。
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