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Dressed as the ex-fiancee of a paralyzed man. (6th Dec 22 at 1:59am UTC)
“……” Have to say, people in a hurry, it is easy to blurt out, is not long ago heard or just happened, so, Gu Xuan's mind a confusion, a sentence has been subconsciously blurted out, "this, this, this.." This is because, because.. You look good. “……” “……” "Oh, I think so too." Ji Ying's face was expressionless. ……” Slot, this woman is really shameless. Good looking The author has something to say: I was raised by the local tyrant of Futu. I felt the great charm of money. I fell into the pit of stinking money and couldn't get up. I covered my face. There will be more tomorrow, but maybe in the afternoon ~ “……” Gu Xuan did not want to speak, ruthlessly stared at Ji Ying, then turned his head, closed his eyes, and began not to know how many times he refused to speak. However, after a while,5 person hot tub, there was a sound like a chair dragging in my ears. Ji Ying unexpectedly moved the chair from the sunny window where she often stayed to the front of Gu Xuan, and it seemed that she had a plan to move the site and stay there. In an instant, a very bad feeling came up directly, and Gu Xuan felt his voice trembling a little uncontrollably. You, why did you move the chair in front of me. "Didn't you say that?" "Hm?" "Say I look good." Ji Ying said carelessly, adjusted the position of the chair, then picked up the book that he had just read half of it and turned it over. "So I moved it over for you to read. Take your time. I don't mind. I don't have to look at it secretly. It's not good to tilt my neck. It hurts my neck for a long time." “!!!” Nima is good-looking. Can he be as good-looking as he is?! Is he as handsome as him?! Gu Xuan grinded his teeth and had the impulse to shout out this sentence,4 person jacuzzi, but he couldn't, because he had only admitted in the last minute that the woman in front of him was good-looking! At this moment, Gu Xuan not only has a dull pain in his brain, but also feels that his face is very painful. The worst thing is that he really can't help looking at it secretly, looking at the eyes drooping slightly and the obsidian shining. Slot, it's definitely not because the woman is good-looking! It's just human nature to look at beautiful things more than you can help! But the woman replied shamelessly, "Do I look good?" “……” "Look at more beautiful things. Don't force yourself. I really don't mind. It's said that looking at more beautiful things can make people feel better. You won't be able to see them tomorrow." “……” No, he's not in a good mood at all, not at all! Which eye are you looking at him in a good mood? Didn't you hear the sound of his teeth grinding?! Gu Xuan held his breath in his stomach for a while before spitting out a few syllables. "Are you going out?" "Well, if I have something to go out, I'll be back that night if there's no accident." However, this plan to go out was not set by Ji Ying temporarily, but as early as a few days ago, Whirlpool bathtub ,whirlpool hot tub spa, when she obtained detailed information about Gu Xuan's condition from Lin Fan, she had such a plan. There is no way, the progress of treatment is too slow. Not to say that Lin Fan's medical skills are not good, but Ji Ying feels that the process of treatment and rehabilitation should be able to speed up a little, so far, Gu Xuan's body is still unable to use Western medicine, the body's basic physical fitness has not been able to recover. According to Lin Fan, now for Gu Xuan, the medicinal properties of Western medicine are still too strong, so we can only use Chinese medicine to keep warm. Host, you should be self-sufficient. According to the information feedback of the first 16 task persons, the current recovery process of the male host Gu Xuan is fast. You know, according to the setting of the original book, the male host gradually recovered after meeting the female host. It took nearly five years before he gradually stood up. This is still the case that the male host Gu Xuan was cruel to himself. The meaning of system 17 is that it took nearly five years to be able to walk on the ground under the circumstances that the male customer Xuan was cruel to himself and was willing to actively cooperate with the treatment. So in its view, the progress is not slow at all, and it has entered the course of treatment early.
It can even be said that Ji Ying is the fastest one among so many taskers, nearly one fifth faster than other taskers. But in Ji Ying's view, these five years are really too long. She has also been paralyzed and disfigured, disfigurement is not a big deal, and Gu Xuan's burn and scratch area is not too, after the wound faded, it will not appear so ferocious, the focus is on paralysis. With the increase of time, the psychological pressure of paralyzed patients will be greater, and depression can cause many deaths. Even though she was born with a disability, she once fell into the despair of "finding a clean place and jumping down once and for all", but she earned a breath and did not want to lose to the so-called established fate. She survived until her mentality became stable. Because of this, for Gu Xuan's hysterical despair, Ji Ying is very understanding. This is not a strong or not strong can simply uncover the past, and that man has also stood in the world's most dazzling, the most focused place, from the altar of this moment, will be doubled and doubled accumulated despair. But it can't go on like this. The best treatment period for paralyzed patients is the early stage, the longer it takes, the more difficult the treatment and rehabilitation will be. Although she was born with a disability and had no chance of recovery, she knew about it because she had contacted more paralyzed patients and doctors. Seventeen, according to the normal plot of the original book, when did the hero Gu Xuan and the heroine meet? "If the plot line can be followed up on the right track, it is preliminarily expected that the meeting time will be a year later." If it is too long, it will directly miss the golden period of the early stage of treatment, which will lead to the difficulty of the task directly increasing several times. Although she did not know what the root cause of Gu Xuan's late excessive blackening was, at least the impact of paralysis and physical defects was absolutely indispensable. And system 17 to her data show that there are many tasks have not waited for Gu Xuan to meet the heroine,jacuzzi manufacturers, Gu Xuan has been deeply black, through the collapse of the book world, the task will fail.
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