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Do not know how long to walk, Li Yan returned to t (16th Dec 22 at 5:47am UTC)
He looks as if he were relying on him. Do you have any idea what you're implying? He gave her a meaningful look. Yan Qing's eyes widened slightly, and she gave face to follow his words and asked, "What do you mean?" "When a woman tells a man she's homeless, does she mean anything other than asking him to take her in?" Yan Qing: ".." She definitely didn't mean that! The light of the eyes is a little erratic. Although Living together sounds good.. "Oh, Officer Yan is joking." Yan Qing laughed twice, trying to shake the question over. But the words seemed to take it seriously, "My bed is not big, and I can barely sleep two people, so I can consider it." Yan Qing's alarm bell rang loudly in his brain, and his eyes Pure Brightness in an instant, staring at him. Think about a ghost! Who wants to sleep in your bed?! Sleeping two people. Think of the beauty. Sister is not such a casual person. Yan Qing rarely has such a weak time, the first to be defeated, "that." I didn't ask you to go so deep. The words suddenly took off his earnest face and smiled. Only then did Yan Qing realize that she had been tricked by him again! On the one hand, he was annoyed that his brain could not move after drinking, and on the other hand, he secretly scolded the old hooligan man. Words get better, there was no plan to bring people home, to finally find a house for her-that man is a hidden danger, with long-term training out of the skill and a strong sense of anti-investigation, he went to see, just two walls did not borrow force point,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, but the man can easily climb over the wall and disappear, leaving no trace, footprints are not half. That man is an extremely dangerous person, and he can't ignore his presence in his jurisdiction. The house he found for Yan Qing belonged to a friend of his. The man went abroad. When the house was empty, he found someone to take two keys. The location is not as good as his single apartment, but the decoration is luxurious. It is very close to his apartment building. The security measures are in place. It has all kinds of facilities, two bedrooms,water bottle packaging machine, two living rooms and one bathroom. It is very convenient to check in with bags. Yan Qing also saw the security measures of the community along the way, and did not tell him, as long as Yu Wen wanted to come in, no matter how tight the security, can not stop him. She accepted his offer to stay in the apartment. Sending people to the door, Yan Qing began to peel again, the corners of her mouth hooked, her eyelids trembled, and she hooked people tightly. "Don't you want to stay?" "Yes." With a very sincere smile, he stopped and turned to walk into the house. Yan Qing originally said it casually, but when he saw that he was really going inside, he was stunned. Make your mouth yawn! Make your mouth yawn! She steeled herself to follow behind, thinking about how to send the Buddha out again. Out of the corner of his eye, he caught a glimpse of her patting his mouth with chagrin and felt a little funny. She left the key on the coffee table and left. Before he left, his eyes were full of banter and fun. "Yan Qing, CSD filling line ,juice filling machine, do you know how to write the word" coward "?" "Huh?" I don't know if it was because of the lack of oxygen in dancing, but she didn't realize the meaning of her words for a while. He sent the man out, closed the door and breathed a sigh of relief before he slowly recovered. She's a coward? That's called from the heart! Pull out the underwear, cosmetics and clothes from the suitcase and put them away. Walking into the bathroom with pajamas in his arms, he looked at the person in the mirror and said, "It's so childish.". She rubbed her face in front of the mirror, raised her chin, her expression was cold, and her lips were slightly hooked: "Words, one day my sister will let you kneel and sing to conquer!"! The flag is set! If you can't do it, your sister will take your last name! She did not expect that this day would happen soon after. It was indeed kneeling, but it was words kneeling that conquered her. The author has something to say: One night, Words: "Sing Conquest?" Yan Qing hooked his neck and exhaled in his ear: "Yes, sing one for my sister!" Words: "Conquer you like this …" The next day, Yan Qing, whose bones had been removed, rubbed his waist: "Bastard!" He controlled the slender waist with one hand: "Do you want to listen again?" Yan Qing looked at the desire/fire in the man's eyes and swallowed saliva: "Still." Still coming? Another spring/love deluge, The word is looking at the woman on the bed who winks like silk, and her face is full of satisfaction: "Conquest" needs to be sung several times.
” Yan · Want to conquer instead of being conquered · Qing: I hate!!! Chapter 22 The next day, Yan Qing slept as usual until the third day of the day. Yesterday, she danced for several hours in a row. After getting up, she had a backache and no energy at all. She lay on the bed for a long time and began to feel sleepy again. She covered her head with the quilt and was confused for half an hour before she got up. Now that she had a temporary place to live, she could take the milk that had been temporarily placed in Yans'apartment. Yan Qing arrived at Yan Si's apartment just in time for dinner, guessed that he would be in the company, did not say hello to him, pressed the password was about to enter the door but found that the password was changed. Yan Qing: ".." The door opened from the inside, and Jens, who was supposed to be in the office, showed his face. Elder Brother? Are you absent from work? Yan Qing wondered why the sun was coming out in the west today when Yan Si was working around the clock for three hundred and sixty days a year. The remaining five days were for her to clean up the mess? Just as she was wondering, the milk came out, wheezing, and she put her forelegs on her hands. Yan Qing did not hold the hairy milk, she did not want to cover a prickly heat, rubbed her head, "milk is good, go to play first." Yan Si saw that she had no intention of leaving immediately, and frowned imperceptibly. This expression can not hide Yan Qing, eyes over Yan Si looked back, "brother, you really abducted people to the home?" Yan Si is still blocking the door, the crack of the door is quite big, but there is no meaning to let Yan Qing in. Yan Qing's expression suddenly became ambiguous. "Brother, sister-in-law's family won't disagree. You just put people here, right?" Hearing her words, Yan Si's face suddenly froze, and he had to say that Yan Qing's intuition was very accurate. Zhu Qin did not go home for two days,liquid bottle filling machine, but a group of brothers of the Zhu family were frightened, and finally got in touch, but did not expect that the younger sister who had disappeared for two days picked up the phone to get married.
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