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Gu Zhenren (16th Dec 22 at 5:50am UTC)
Cold wave patriarch is a little mad, hurriedly responded: "Now that you know this is a fact, it should understand that you are now in danger!"! This is a political struggle within our Shark people. You are a human bewitching master, and your strength is not strong. Why do you get involved? Do you like Xie Yimo? I can assure you that when it's done, I will give you more and more beautiful shark girls! Do not doubt my sincerity, I can swear to the sea God! "A shark man swore to the sea God, and such sincerity could not be doubted.". However Fang yuan changed the subject leisurely, "Although I accept this fact, it does not mean that I like this fact.". Do you think I like Xie Yimo? No, no, I just want to help her. Why would I risk helping her? Because I have a principle of being a man, that is, I will repay my kindness and revenge. "I've used the longevity trick, and I've lived a lot longer than you think.". I used to hope for immortality, but now I'm getting tired of the idea. Life is becoming more and more boring, and sometimes the end of the road is not important. The important thing is the process of walking and the mentality of walking. Cold wave patriarch heard this, can not help but stare, he can not understand Fang yuan's way of life: "You mean, the position of the saint is not important, the important thing is that you help the process of the saint?" Not bad,65 inch smart board, but there's more. The dark politics you mentioned and the beautiful women you promised me are not important. I know it, but I never take it to heart. So, you can probably understand that I've lived long enough to get tired of wearing a mask. Death is not terrible to me at all. I am now.. I just want to live with my true face and achieve my goals in the way I want to use. Only by living in this way can I feel the passion of life and the desire for life! The cold wave patriarch was dumbfounded. He finally understood something and shouted, "So you are a madman!"! You said so much, nothing more than that you have lived long enough, do not want to live, want to die! If you are a bewitching fairy, you are a mere three-turn bewitching master,interactive flat panel display, but you still want to live with your own mind? This is a fool's dream! Fang yuan laughed, "Do you think that if you become an immortal, you can live by your own will?"? Live without a mask? Where there are people, there are rivers and lakes, and there are struggles. Survival and life are two different things. How do you want to live? You don't have to look at your strength and cultivation. In fact, you only look at your own heart. After a pause, Fang yuan added: "In fact, the low strength is also very fun.". When you really live with your true face, your low strength will make you face more realistic difficulties and challenges. To overcome these difficulties and face these challenges, life is wonderful everywhere. The head of the cold wave clan stood in the same place, stunned, and he could not speak any more! His eyes crossed the heavy crowd, looked at Fang yuan, and saw the corners of his mouth with a slight smile. Suddenly there was a chill in his heart: "This man is so strange and paranoid, smart boards for conference rooms ,smart board whiteboard, so vulgar, with a tendency to self-destruction, I am afraid he is possessed!"! He doesn't play by the rules, and what's more terrible is that he doesn't think by the rules. His way of thinking is totally different from that of the general public. He is too deviant! This is a devil! "This is a real devil!" The cold wave patriarch is awe-inspiring in his heart. He felt that this was the essence of Fang yuan, even if he had not massacred a large number of people at will, even if Fang yuan was now doing a good thing of gratitude! At the same time, the cold wave patriarch felt deeply powerless. If a young man is not deeply involved in the world, he can hide his original intention, disguise himself as a senior, to guide him, teach him, let him know the complexity of society and some dark truth. But Fang yuan knows everything, almost everything. The most frustrating thing is that Fang yuan's idea is totally different from others! "He's too assertive. He's too paranoid.".
He obviously only has three turns. How dare he? Unreasonable, unreasonable! He's a madman! He's a madman! He is so arrogant that he despises life and death! Yes He's not even afraid to die. What's there to be afraid of? All the wealth, beauty, power and status in the world, I am afraid, can not compare with the slightest satisfaction of his own mind! What else can I come up with to tempt me? The cold wave patriarch is going crazy. The more he thought about it, the more he understood, the more Fang yuan was fearless and did not accept any temptation. Perhaps one day, he can be tempted, but this is absolutely his own desire to be tempted, this is a true heart in his heart. It is not easy for people to live in this world! The same is true of the Shark Man. Although the head of the cold wave clan is so high and powerful, he is even more difficult. He still has the clan elders of the Shark Holy City on his head, and there are so many subordinates under him, some of whom are scheming against each other, and some of whom are coveting his position. He has many children, many wives and concubines, and many contradictions. Everything needs to be monitored, handled and arranged by him. Is it wrong for him to be corrupt? That's right! What is corruption? Corruption is just about getting more benefits, which make other vested interests feel unfair. A piece of cake, the original distribution situation is like this, you a piece of me a piece, now I secretly take the second piece, you look jealous, you said you violated the distribution agreement, why do you take so much? This is corruption. Do you think the old side of the big family that supports the saint is not corrupt? There will be more or less, right? Even if Dazu Lao himself is not greedy, what about so many of her men? What about her children? It's just not as serious as the head of the cold wave clan. Or, even if the old side of the clan is not corrupt as a whole. Then they are also high-level people, people who eat cake, and people who exploit others. From this point of view, we are all exploiters. What's the difference? All the way! Therefore, the cold wave patriarch never felt that he was wrong in corruption, he just wanted to get more wealth, beauty and power. He became more and more corrupt and gradually exceeded the distribution agreement. But he didn't want to stop,65 inch touch screen, and the greed in his heart made him unable to stop. No, not greed. It should be said to be an ideal! How many times, the cold wave patriarch shouted to himself in his heart.
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