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Quickly wear a female villain boss, strong flirtin (16th Dec 22 at 6:05am UTC)
As a result, the streets and lanes are full of beautiful love stories between emperors and empresses, as well as the daily life of thrift. Many popular elements start from the top. The officials in the capital also began to restrain, dare not accept too many concubines, more dare not brazenly extravagant waste, really Beijing officials are not as good as local officials, live that is a pitiful. Once again, when the courtiers were talking about Guangkai Harem because Chu Ge did not give birth to children, Gong Jiu finally became impatient: "Children are destined by God. What does it have to do with Guangkai Harem? I used to have countless women. Do I have children?"? I killed too much in my early years, and Xu Wuhou was God's punishment for me. After Gong Jiu sighed, he and Chu Ge adopted a boy in Zongnei. Finally had a cheap son, Chu song heart finally relieved. Live up to her more than ten years of forbearance. Since having a son, Chu Ge has devoted all his energy to teaching his son. Of course, as long as Gong Jiu comes to Qifeng Palace, Chu Song's time will still contribute to Gong Jiu, after all, this guy is still the emperor. The prosperity of the country and the stories between emperors and empresses are well known. This time, the queen has a very strong sense of existence. Therefore, even if sometimes emperors and empresses would intervene in political affairs, the ministers did not feel that there was anything inappropriate. The ministers in the court were no longer as difficult to tame as before, and all of them were as obedient as their grandchildren in Gong Jiu's hands. Mainly for Shanggong Jiu, an emperor who usually did not act in a fair and aboveboard way, the ministers were afraid of being tossed about. Gong Jiu's leisure time is actually much more than before. But his energy is not what it used to be. He felt that his body was getting worse and worse, and that he was becoming more and more powerless. One morning, he wanted to turn over and climb on Chu Song. After a short stay on Chu Song, he lay back on the bed. Chu Song. Gong Jiu looked at the top of the bed and called softly, "Chu Ge, are you awake?" Chu Song knew that if he did not wake up, the man would keep calling her until she woke up, so he immediately answered, "Well." "Chu Ge, have you noticed that I am not as brave as before?" "Your Majesty is as brave as ever." "Oh." Gong Jiu was silent for a long time before he said, "Chu Song." "Hm?" "What do you think I would die for?" "Your Majesty, your merits will last a long time and you will live a long life." "Chu Song." "Well, Your Majesty." "People will die, but sooner or later, because of what." "Your Majesty is right." Gong Jiu did not speak again. He took Chu Ge in his shoulder socket and went back to sleep. After that day, he did not enter the harem again, nor did he step into the Qifeng Palace again. Gong Jiu was ill, and when the ministers learned about it, Gong Jiu was already terminally ill. The first address of the field literature is www. Lingyu. Org. The first address of the field literature is www. Lingyu. Org. Chapter 389 Your Majesty, your queen is on the line. Want to come every morning, irritated, Slate Wall Panel ,Silver Travertine Slabs, Chu song continues to push him: "Your Majesty, I want to go to the clean room." Before he had finished speaking, Gong Jiu had already got up and went to the clean room with her in his arms. Even if Chu Ge has urine, he will hold it back. Ma Dan, suddenly want to fight with this guy. So when he reached the clean room, Chu Ge said, "Your Majesty, can I go by myself?" "We haven't experienced the pleasure of being on the bucket yet." The pleasure of having a fart on the toilet. Only a pervert would have that idea. Your Majesty! Chu Ge said angrily, "Your Majesty, if you really want to do this, you might as well kill my concubine." Well, her own queen was still very conservative. She was a good girl who didn't know how to be dissolute. Gong Jiu had to give up her exciting idea and took Chu Ge back to bed. She took a step back and said, "The queen is my leprechaun. How can I be willing to kill you?" Bah, goblin fart! Chu song took advantage of the time to go to bed and kicked Gong Jiu to the ground. This is the queen's first resistance, although Gong Jiu was kicked down on the ground, the bottom of my heart is very excited, gentle and submissive queen rarely exposed the cat's claws, this is also his training skills ah.
Seeing that Gong Jiu was not angry, Chu Ge settled down, pulled the quilt on his body, and then shouted to the outside: "Come on, change clothes for Your Majesty." Gong Jiu didn't like to be seen by others. He was afraid that the palace people would break in. He shouted, "No, don't come in." Listening to the palace people outside the door, Gong Jiu breathed a sigh of relief and bent over to pinch Chu Ge's face: "You little goblin, wait for me to come back early to settle accounts with you." The three words "leprechaun" made Chu Ge tremble all over, which was really a lot of goose bumps. Life is getting more and more absurd, but it can't go on like this. When Gong Jiu arrived at Qifeng Palace in the morning, he found Chu Ge and Shangguanyu sitting together, talking and laughing, very harmonious. ***, Shangguanyu is a woman who is good at pretending to be a man. The enemy prince he likes is also a sissy guy. So this woman obviously has a restless heart. Gong Jiu put his innocent queen and Shangguanyu together, and he was afraid that Shangguanyu would bend the queen. So he was quite happy, but as soon as he took a fancy to Guan Yu, his face became cold, and he did not speak, but stood proudly in the center of the hall. Shangguanyu knelt down and saluted him. "Your Majesty!" Ao Jiao Gong Jiu doesn't call this guy to get up. In a previous life, this woman actually liked him at first. But later, she felt that he was the emperor, there were too many women, he said he could break up the harem for her, she felt that the women in the palace were too pitiful, and he was an emperor, always had to use women to carry out some balance. She did not believe his heart, and then trampled on his heart, not only privately released the prince of the enemy country,White Marble Mosaic, but also eloped with the prince. And Shangguanyu fight together, the emperor's many things Shangguanyu are clear. In the public or private, the emperor can not put the official jade to leave their own land. Captured the enemy prince again. Shangguan Yu forced him to die and begged him to release the prince of the enemy country. He won't let go!.
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