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Is the place of the imperial concubine: Wang Ye, e (16th Dec 22 at 6:30am UTC)
But one of her feet was injured, causing great inconvenience, and soon she was defeated. Suddenly, her shoulder was numb, and she could no longer move. The dragon mark actually touched her acupoint! "Don't mess around!"! Or you'll die an ugly death! Wu Xin stared bitterly at the face that was getting closer and closer, and drank coldly. The dragon mark sneered, did not take it seriously, raised his hand to grab her collar, and with a sudden effort, pulled her jacket under her shoulders, revealing her snow-white shoulders and pink bellyband. The bellyband was propped up by the fullness inside, without a gap, and it was rising and falling rapidly because of the master's anger, which deeply stimulated the vision of the dragon mark. Satisfied, he drew his lips close to her ear and breathed softly, "I want you to see whether your mouth is hard or mine.". The things in the body are hard. ?” Suko has set up a vote in the list on the left. Go and guess. The answer will be revealed soon! Pit depth of 41 meters: the best plan Satisfied, he drew his lips close to her ear and breathed softly, "I want you to see whether your mouth is hard or mine.". The things in the body are hard. ?” Warm breath with sour sweat, Wu Xin only felt a stir in the stomach, straight to vomit. Just as the man's stubble mouth was about to touch her neck, she suddenly opened her mouth: "Actually, I've got the real map. If you let me go, I'll give it back to you!" Long Hen was stunned. He straightened up and looked up at the beam. "Humph!" He sneered! Who will believe your tricks? Finally,Carrara Marble Slab, simply bent down to pick up Wu Xin, mercilessly thrown on the bed. With a wave of his big hand, he violently tore up her clothes, leaving only a bellyband and a pair of fur trousers. His body, like a mountain, could not wait to press up, and raised his hand to open her acupoint. Laughing : "I don't like the woman under me to be happy like a piece of wood. Be good. We will let you go after we are happy. Otherwise.." Suddenly able to move, Wu Xin seemed to see hope, where she listened to his nonsense,pietra gray marble, then began to struggle vigorously, his hands were pressed on the top of his head, he raised his feet to attack him. As soon as the dragon mark's face changed, the free hand grabbed her foot, pressed it hard, and sat on it, so that her feet could no longer move. The wound on her knee was touched, and the pain made Wu Xin's pupils shrink. However, this deepened her resistance. She could not use her hands and feet, so she raised her head and bit him on the shoulder. Ah The dragon mark a stuffy hum, obviously did not expect this woman to be like this, "small base.". People Let go! Wu Xin closed her eyes and tried her best to bite her teeth until the roots of her teeth were numb, but she still did not let go. Bitch.. People You want to die! The dragon mark big hand raises, ruthlessly waves, the loud slap sounds in the inner room, Wu Xin is beaten to fall to one side, grey marble slab ,Calacatta Nano Glass, the head hits heavily on the bed's wooden pillar. In front of a flower, a fishy sweet surge up the throat, red blood from the lips overflow. She watched helplessly as he pressed up again, feeling so desperate for the first time. A dark shadow flashed outside the window, followed by a loud bang, and the door was kicked open. Xiling Shang came in with a dark and calm face. There he is! It finally came, when she didn't have any hope. Wu Xin breathed a sigh of relief and looked sideways at the man who broke in, his eyes lonely. But Xiling Shang, as if he had not seen her, stared straight at the dragon mark since he came in, and his phoenix eyes were full of storms. Long Hen turned over and sat up, waiting to see the man clearly. He hurriedly picked up the machete that had fallen beside the bed and grabbed Wu Xin. The machete was against her neck. He shouted at Xiling Shang, with a faint fear in his eyes: "Don't come over!"! Come here and I'll kill her! Xiling Shang sneered, but his footsteps still did not stop, as if he did not take his threat seriously: "Do you know what you are doing?"? Do you know who she is? Seeing the dragon mark slightly stupefied, the smile on his lips became thicker, "She is the princess of your west corner, you are disrespectful!" Shocked by the dragon mark, he looked at Wu Xin and then at Xiling Shang, his face full of suspicion. What's the matter? You don't believe me? Xiling Shang still walked forward, calm and calm, for the first time to meet Wu Xin's eyes: "Luo Yi, you tell him, tell him who you are, tell him your mission.".
” Thank you for the flowers of the demon, love the demon! Pit depth 42 meters: Is it important? 'What's The matter? You don't believe me? Xiling Shang still walked forward, his steps were calm and calm. He turned his head to meet Wu Xin's eyes and hooked his lips: "Falling clothes, you tell him yourself, tell him who you are, tell him your mission." Eyes meet, she instantly read his meaning, this man is to let her use her identity to cheat the map. Wu Xin breathed a sluggish, the original plan failed, he had already thought of the second plan. Looking at his golden thread and jade shoes still moving forward, her heart was filled with sadness, and she pursed her lips, ignoring his hint for the first time. Don't go any further! The machete in Long Hen's hand scored a point on Wu Xin's neck. His eyes were scarlet and he was hysterical. "I won't believe your lies. Don't think I don't know you. It was you who made our country perish. How could the princess be with you, the enemy?"? Let me go and I'll let her go! The smile on Xiling's lips froze, and dark clouds gathered quickly in his eyes, ready to destroy the city. He glanced again at Wu Xin, who was silent, and his eyes were slightly cool. How dare you threaten the king? He tightened his thin lips and quickened his pace. Then try, she'll die before me anyway! As soon as the dragon's hand tightened, a line of red blood oozed from Bai Bi's neck. A sharp pain in the neck, Wu Xin could not help frowning, she wanted to reverse a blow, but did not move, but let the neck of the knife edge into a point, big drops of blood flow out, flow to the pink bellyband, dyed into a dazzling rose. Tell this man to let me go! The dragon mark shook her body. Wu Xin smiled bitterly and said nothing. How could this man listen to her? Didn't Ben Wang say that? No one can threaten the king! The words had not yet fallen,Agate Slabs For Sale, Xiling's eyes changed, pulled out his sword with amazing speed, and went straight to Wu Xin's side.
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