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Baotai Co., Ltd. Enters the Field of Titanium for (10th Jan 23 at 12:35am UTC)
Original Title: Baotai Co., Ltd. Enters the Field of Titanium for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Recently, Baoti and the State Power Investment Corporation successfully signed the "National Demonstration City Joint Declaration Enterprise Cooperation Letter of Intent" project and the first batch of titanium material procurement contracts, marking Baoti's entry into the new titanium application field. The project actively promotes the construction of fuel cell vehicle industry demonstration city clusters in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Hubei, Zhejiang and other regions, and provides core technical support for the research and development of related basic materials and key components, as well as the development of the national fuel cell vehicle industry. As early as 2017, Baoti shares have been laid out ahead of schedule, Baoti Research Institute and related units set up a hydrogen energy project team, according to the national strategy and future market demand, began to research and develop titanium technology for hydrogen fuel cells. During this period,titanium seamless tube, Baoti Project Team closely focused on the performance requirements of hydrogen fuel cell metal bipolar plate, actively overcome difficulties and repeated tests. In October 2019, the titanium bipolar plate was successfully applied on the first new energy hydrogen bus, which fully met the design requirements after later testing. On September 27, 2020,titanium filler rod, the hydrogen fuel cell product release conference was held in Ningbo, and Baoti was invited to attend the conference and ushered in new development opportunities. About titanium bipolar plates Titanium and titanium alloys have high application value in hydrogen fuel cell bipolar plates because of their low density, high specific strength and excellent corrosion resistance in acidic environment. As an important part of PEMFC, bipolar plate accounts for more than 70% of the weight of the stack, about 50% of the volume, and its cost is about 30% to 50% of the cost of the battery. Bipolar plate materials are mainly divided into three categories, namely graphite bipolar plate, composite material bipolar plate and metal bipolar plate. Graphite bipolar plate has light weight, good corrosion resistance and excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, titanium plate gr7 ,titanium filler rod, but it has high brittleness and high cost of flow field processing. Composite bipolar plate has excellent formability And has high mechanical strength, poor conductivity and high proces cost; and in comparison, that metal bipolar plate is thin. It has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, high mechanical strength and good gas isolation, which is conducive to the improvement of the specific power density of the battery. In addition, the metal material processing technology is mature, and high-precision complex flow fields can be processed by stamping, die-casting and laser forming, which is easy to achieve the quantitative production of the plate. It has become the mainstream bipolar plate material for hydrogen fuel cells. Metallic bipolar plate materials are generally divided into stainless steel, aluminum alloy and titanium alloy, among which the corrosion resistance of titanium in PEMFC environment is better than that of stainless steel and aluminum alloy, and its high specific strength can further reduce the weight of the plate and improve the specific power density of PEMFC. For example, Toyota MIRAI fuel cell vehicle in Japan uses titanium as bipolar plate material and adopts 3D mesh flow field structure design. Compared with stainless steel straight flow field bipolar plate, its stack mass power density and volume power density have been greatly improved. At present, cost and durability are two important issues that restrict the commercialization of hydrogen fuel cells, and the cost of bipolar plates is determined to a certain extent by plate materials, flow field processing and plate coating preparation process. Graphite and carbon-based composites can no longer meet the requirements of hydrogen fuel cells in terms of performance, and metal materials have become the mainstream materials for bipolar plates of hydrogen fuel cells. In addition, high power has always been the goal of hydrogen fuel cells. Titanium and titanium alloys in metal materials have low density and high specific strength, and have excellent corrosion resistance in hydrogen fuel cells, which can significantly reduce the weight and volume of bipolar plates, thus significantly improving the mass specific power and volume specific power of the cells. Moreover, the corrosion products produced by titanium and titanium alloys in the long-term service process have weak toxicity to proton exchange mode and catalyst, which is conducive to improving the stability and durability of battery operation. Metallic carbon/nitride and amorphous carbon coatings on the surface of titanium bipolar plate have excellent comprehensive performance and high research and application value.However, these coatings are prone to pinhole defects, so the main goal of current research is to improve the compactness, adhesion strength and surface conductivity of the coating. In addition, the coating should have good hydrophobicity to promote the drainage of water generated by the reaction. In order to meet these comprehensive properties, higher requirements are put forward for the structure design and composition of the coating.
The composite and nanocrystallization of the coating structure can improve the compactness,titanium plate gr7, corrosion resistance and conductivity of the coating to a certain extent, and enhance the service stability and reliability of titanium plates, which is the main direction of future development. Source | Hydrogen Club Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.
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