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Gorgeous Ice (10th Jan 23 at 1:14am UTC)
"What happened to her?" The voice was not as concerned as it used to be, but calm and slow. As soon as I came back, I saw her faint in the room, and I didn't know what to do. The phone was suddenly hung up. Li Zi was stunned. No, Qiao Zhen is so cruel? Or was the phone hung up by Coco? When I called again, he never answered. Bastard Li Zi threw his cell phone on the bed angrily. "If you say you want to change your mind, you will change your mind. You are a heartless villain!" Chapter 18 Sudden Farewell A person's life is either a farewell or a farewell. To put it in a desperate way, everyone is living towards death every day. The future is not reliable, only the present. The only thing we can grasp is now. At half past nine in the evening, Li Zi had just turned off the light and was ready to go to bed when he heard a knock on the door. Startled, she woke up, jumped out of bed and rushed out of the room. Li Yibing has opened the door. Qiao Zhen a body awe-inspiring cold, in the moment to see Li Yibing, like a sigh of relief as a step back, and then a face more cold. Because Li Yibing's face was expressionless: "What are you doing here?" He did not answer, but looked at Li Zi and naturally understood everything. What am I doing here. He gasped, with big beads of sweat on his forehead and a sneer. "Yeah, God knows!" Both mother and daughter were stunned,gold CIP machine, and Li Zi trembled with a guilty conscience. God knows I was crazy to cross half the city and run the red light all the way to do it! Qiao Zhen put the coat on his arm on the ground, furious, and his expression was more perverse than ever before. "Maybe I'm addicted to bitching!" Li Zi trembled and took a step back. Terrible.. She had never seen Qiao Zhenfa so angry that even the veins on his forehead could be seen. After Li Yibing is in a daze briefly, turn a head to stare at Li Zi: "Li Zi, what did you do?" I.. I told you you fainted. Li Zi was so anxious that his eyes were red. "But mom, I can't help it. Do you know he's going to get married in a few days?" Kui Yibing was stunned and looked even angrier. But it was Qiao Zhen who spoke faster: "Don't you want me to get married?"? I deserve to be lonely all my life and be the most loyal servant of your mother and daughter, don't I? "That's not true." "All right,Carbon in Pulp, you won, okay?" Qiao Zhen spread out his hands. "But please don't do this again." Pointing to Li Zi, he said coldly, "Can you spare me?" He bent down to pick up his coat, pulled the door open, and "bang" put it on. Li Zi trembled again. Why did it come to this? Li Yibing stared at the closed door, his face even whiter. Li seed "wow" to cry out, never had the fear: "I was wrong … … I didn't expect this.. Uncle Joe really doesn't seem to want us! In Li Zi's cognition, there has never been such a day that Qiao Zhen will leave them completely. The disaster made her cry so hard that she couldn't help it. After a long time, Li Yibing approached her and pulled her to the sofa to sit down, her voice as cold as the night wind, word by word. Li Zi, you remember. Do not try to believe who will always depend on, tin beneficiation plant ,mineral flotation, and no one will always be good to you. In this world, only you will not betray you. Don't rely on anyone, rely on yourself. Li Zi cried even more desperately. Complete collapse. That cry really exhausted her energy. When the tears finally disappeared, he was still sobbing habitually, and his brain was confused. She subconsciously sent a message to Xue Muyang on WeChat: "I made a big mistake, an unforgivable big mistake.". Why don't I die! As soon as he pulled the quilt and buried himself, his cell phone rang, and Xue Muyang's three big characters on the screen were clear. Hello Her voice is hoarse. There was an obvious lag on the other end of the phone. In the silence of the receiver, there was only the sound of her breathing. Chestnut, everyone makes mistakes. His voice through the radio, more and more gentle. Who are you kidding! You can't make a mistake! He seemed to smile. "Who gave you such an illusion?" He paused and said, "I almost killed a neighbor's dog once." "Who believes it?" He kept following me, so I fed him a bone. It was excited and never seemed to eat it. We are all very happy.
Then he lay on the ground and rolled and cried and vomited. "Uh.." What a big bone that is! Imagine Xue Muyang who was confused at that time. I took it back to my neighbor, who stared at me for the first time and said that the dog was doomed.. He went on to say, his voice a little scared and weak. "It's not big. It's a chicken leg.". But it was a Chihuahua, and if the chicken bone could not be broken, there would be sharp stubble, which would cut the stomach and cause gastrointestinal bleeding. Later, he rushed to the pet hospital to save a dog's life. Li Zi wanted to laugh. "Were you scared to cry?" “……” Silence is a positive answer, "I will never dare to feed the dog again anyway." I don't know how Li Zi pulled the corners of his mouth and couldn't help hooking it up: "Is it true?"? Made it up? "Wronged, this is an embarrassing thing at the bottom of the box!" His tone was inexplicable, and he hissed in a low voice, "can't say, can't say!"! In a word, a fall into the pit, a gain in one's wit. All mistakes make us grow up. The hiss close to her ear seemed to blow on Li Zi's earlobe, and her ears suddenly burned. The heart is magically calm, perhaps because of the quilt, the whole person is also warm. Also, if this is about Uncle Joe. I can tell you for sure that he cares about you. Never changed. But we can't manage the affairs of adults. Eh? Can this person read minds? Besides, why is he sure? "He doesn't care about me. He told me to leave him alone." His eyes were moist again. Chestnut, sometimes, many things, eyes and ears are unreliable. Be careful. "All right." Why do you want to believe him so much? In fact, Qiao Zhen will not suddenly be so unfeeling! Why, as if it was so difficult to survive the despair of the past, said a few words with him, magically, much better? This person, must have magic, special magic to deal with her, um! Li Zi did not pester Qiao Zhen any more,Carbon in Pulp, nor did he try to get forgiveness. Of course, it's impossible to go to Qiao Zhen's wedding. Mom, let's go out for a few days. 。
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